The light of the sea. Luz.  

"A drunken, fucked up man (or me) in a room full of people at a party, man has a gun and is stumbling around falling down threatening to shoot. The man has wild glossy stare.." - Kurt Cobain’s ideas for a Milk It/Scentless Apprentice music video.


Laveria; Vaudeville Strongwoman
glasier c.1897

omg this is amazing

In the rose-gold haze of the autumn sky,
I swore I could still feel his hand laid over mine
Delicately, the way I always loved him.
I lost him
The way you lose your front teeth:
Suddenly, without approval,
And ending with an empty
And barren

There are holes
In my collarbones
Where his protection
Used to sleep.
There is stale air
In my veins
Where his love
Used to pump blood
And keep me alive,

The sky is painted black now,
And I miss the smell of his clothes.
His voice still lingers
In my thoughts
Next to the way his hair fell in front of his eyes
And under the way he said my name.
I remember the bitter winter air
And the way his was the only hand
I wanted to hold.

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(via gwegg)

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